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Leading On.

Post by Kyrin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:32 am

The latest episode of TBBT showed me some hints of SHENNY! <3

"Mock me all you want. But I never count wrong.", scoffed the tall, lanky, Dr.Cooper, who happens to be scribbling down his physics on his whiteboard, in his apartment. "Sheldon! Have you ever realized that you were a little off?", Penny slumped back down on the couch, feeling exhausted of the argument. He turned to her, making the marker cap 'Click'. "For the past four weeks Penny. I have noticed something, and it... makes me feel uncomfortable.", he straightened his back a little, from standing too long.

She raised a brow. "Please Sheldon. Please tell me what you have noticed!", she hinted everything in her words of sarcasm. He rolled his eyes, "Your jealous."
If looks could kill, Penny eyes widened with fear, and her heart was beating so fast, that it almost can make a thousand jumping jacks. "W-what? No. Sheldon. I am not jealous!", she defended, standing up now. "Penny I might not know body language that well. But, I do know-", he sat walked towards her. "that you are jealous."
'was he really that bold to walk close to me?'

Penny crossed her arms over her chest and huffed. "Sheldon. I am not jealous.", her voice sounded broken, and the atmosphere in room changed dramatically. He sighed. Still not believing her. She swallowed quickly, trying to formulate sentences in her head, but it wasn't working. He was moving closer, inch, by inch. "I n-need to go.", she quickly left the boys apartment, and huffed.

was she that jealous?

did she just realize that she has feelings for Dr. Sheldon Cooper, with two Phd's???!!!

Her heart sank when she heard Amy babble about something to Leonard, when they climbed the stairs.
"Hey, Penny!", Leonard smiled.
"Why are your cheeks flushed?", Amy questioned, raising a brow.
Penny blinked. "Oh-what? I'm not flushed. Nope. Hey Leonard.", she made a effort to wave at them both, really she tried.
Leonard bit his lip, "Whats up?", trying to make the situation awkward.
"Oh... nothin'. You know the same old, same old.", she giggled a bit.
"Well, gotta go guys.", she ran into her apartment as soon as she can, and locked it.

"Hey, Sheldon?", Leonard questioned, when he opened the door. Amy quickly sitting on the couch. "Yes. What is it?", he replied, his eyes focused on the whiteboard. "Did Penny come by a few minutes ago?".
"Correction, she came by her ten minutes ago."
"Whatever.", he waved his hand impatiently in the air. "Well, I wanted to ask what happened? She seemed sort of stressed out."
Sheldon turned to face the geek with the curly hair, and glasses. "Really? How stressed?",
he clicked the cap on the marker, and placed it on the table. "Hello, Amy.", he smiled genuinely at her. "Hello.",
"She sort of... well... her eyes her dilated.. and-"
"Just as I expected.", Sheldon mumbled, sitting on his spot on the couch. "What do you mean?", Leonard raised his brows. He sighed, "I asked her if she was 'Jealous' of Amy dating me."
"What?", Amy spoke. "why would you ask that to her?"
"Again, I was testing something."
"What is it, Sheldon?", Leonard said through gritted teeth.
"Sheldon, you don't test experiments on your friends.", Amy remarked.
He ignored the comments. "That Penny likes me all along..."

This is a one shot. Sorry for grammar, and whatever. But I had this on my mind and I had to post it up on here.
hope yall like! Wink

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