The Panty Pinata Deviation

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The Panty Pinata Deviation

Post by bowtiesarecool on Fri Sep 03, 2010 6:01 pm

Her green eyes flash a warning as she glares at the man before her. She is slightly amazed at the fact that he’s lasted as long as he has. Mixed in with that amazement, there is irritation and anger. He’s so damn stubborn and unyielding it makes her want to scream.

“I’m waiting for that apology,” he says in a calm voice.

He’s expecting her to knuckle under and give in to his neurotic ways. Knuckle under her ass.

“Well unless a police box decides to appear in the middle of this room and a man with amazing hair pops out of the box, you’re going to be waiting for a long time.”

“Surely, you realize that by now any attempt at defeating me can easily be parried.”

“Surely you realize that I’m not giving in to your whack a doodle ways like Leonard does.”

He places his hands on his hips and glares at her in such a ferocious fashion, that she might have gone up in flames if it had been possible.

She like wise took up his belligerent stance, baring her teeth at his unyielding form.

“Sheldon, you’ll find that I am much more experienced at these types of things than you are. Either you retrieve my panties from that telephone wire and apologize, or it’s junior rodeo on.”

Her threats are meaningless to him. He raises an eyebrow and says, “Penny. Penny. Penny,” and each repetition of her name leaks condescension. “I, too, am well educated in the art form of sabotage and trickery. And, given that my mind is soundly superior to yours; my creative methods will be legendary and undefeatable.”

He’s so smug and arrogant with that fucking smirk gracing his lips. What would it take to wipe that smug look off his face?

She carefully studies him and the answer leaps out at her, blinding in its brilliance. She gives him a small smile, so evil and perfect, that Sheldon narrows his eye in suspicion.

“That is a rather suspicious and frightening smile you have Penny.”

She starts shuffling towards him and manages to back him into the bookcase.

“I’m giving you one last chance to apologize Sheldon,” she says softly and dangerously.

Giving in is not an option. Sheldon Cooper never admits defeat.

“Never. I will win this battle as I win at every battle.”

There it is again---that smug and arrogant tone. Time to knock Dr. Cooper of his high and mighty horse.

“Very well then,” she whispers.

She grabs a fistful of his shirts in her tiny hand and raises herself up on her toes. Sheldon’s squeak of surprise only fuels her more. Her lips angrily smash against his as her body molds itself against his lean frame.

The feeling of her person invading his space makes Sheldon spin wildly out of control. It’s a direct violation of the agreement he had her sign back when she had become apart of the group.

He raises his hands and places them on her shoulders, fully intent on pushing her away from him. But all thoughts regarding pushing her away escape him when he feels her lips along the side of his neck.

“Penny,” he gasps.

That breathy voice causes Penny to stumble back in shock. She looks at him with his clothes wrinkled and lips pink and still kissable.

Well, she sure shocked him, she thought as his face began twitching.

“Sheldon, I-”

“If you did not already have three strikes against you, I would be giving you three right now,” he interrupts her forcefully.

“Sweetie I-”

“I suggest that you leave Penny,” he mutters as he walks past her with his shoulders rigid and his head held high.

The slam of his door makes Penny cringe in guilt. What had she done?

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Re: The Panty Pinata Deviation

Post by BensferArcadia on Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:18 pm

ohmygosh!!!!! That was freaking amazing!!! It was... like... wow... hot... and... gosh!!!!!!!

It sorta reminded me of Amy clinging onto the Doctor when she kissed him. Haha. XD

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Re: The Panty Pinata Deviation

Post by Kyrin on Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:03 pm



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Re: The Panty Pinata Deviation

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